Lindy Lindawa Eksteen.

  Brought to you straight from the plaas Lindy Lindawa Eksteen, is passionate about all things culinary and is constantly bringing in new and exciting treats for the office to indulge in. If it were up to her, marketing would consist wholly of Pinterest and Facebook posts, and rightly so! She has some of the […]

Merrick Marmite Rowe

    I love to mess about and very rarely take life too seriously. Trance is one of the only languages I understand. In my opinion the best way to understand it, is to wear a onesie while listening  to it. (FYI – a “onesie” is like a baby grow for adults. See Merrick in his Tiger […]

Simon van der Merwe

What to say about the man of mystery. Simon van der Merwe is, as they say in Afrikaans, “ ‘n perd van ‘n ander kleur”. Dancing to his own tune always, he is quite the catch at that. He hails from the mean streets of Joburg and currently lives in Stellenbosch where he spends most of […]

Samantha Sammy da Silva

  Samantha Sammy da Silva  is one of those little doggies that have hit their head one too many times on the mailboxes while sticking her head out the window on the drive home. A loyal companion and a strong dog. But oh, such a silly one.  She hails from Keetmanshoop (in Namibia) and has […]

Rudolph Maritz

  Rudolphus, Dolphie, Rudie, call him what you like, but this boy knows the meaning of turnaround time!   This red-headed marvel is a real early bloomer and new addition to our Tech department. With his collected manner and can-do attitude, Rudolph is living proof that quiet waters do run deep..   We asked him […]

Jennifer Moss.

    Jen is the type of betty that always glides into the office, looking like she just stepped out of a really expensive salon. Like she could smell like of gooseberries. But a very smart person smelling of gooseberries. A redheaded bombshell with a big personality and a weird aversion to bin lids. Jennifer Moss is responsible for […]

Joané Lensley.

Joané Lensley hails from the old Vaal Driehoek and is your typical “Boere meisie”. She is an avid fan of rugby and only likes to watch the guys in a good scrum. She is a level 7 “lang arm” dancer and has a secret crush on Ray Dylan (Afrikaans singer). When this woman is on […]

Dean van Zyl.

  Strongly dislikes slow internet connections and listens to metal on days that he isn’t involved in some sort of heated debate. Dean van Zyl is one of the fastest growing young dynamos in the company and has shown tremendous progress since he started here in Feb 2012. An avid gamer (Dota 2) and master […]