What is Colocation?

What is Colocation?

We offer a wide range of options from simple hosting up to running your own web servers off a dedicated internet connection. One such option is colocation. Colocation is ideal for small businesses who are looking for hosting and want the features of a large IT department at a fraction of the cost.

What is Colocation?


In a nutshell colocation is when you place your server in a rack in someone elses data centre and share their bandwidth, electricity, network etc. It generally costs a little more than shared hosting, but drastically less than a dedicated hosting plan. The colocation provider then supplies the IP, bandwidth and power to your server. Once it is up and running, you may access it much like a shared or virtual hosting package.

Benefits of Colocation


  • Scalability –  With colocation you are not limited by your organization’s ability to expand and maintain its infrastructure. You now are able to grow as large as you need with access to the power, bandwidth and support you need.
  • Lowered Costs – Building / creating your own data centre environment is not only in itself expensive, but the maintenance and running costs are rather high as well. It is then a lot more cost effective (especially for smaller businesses) to rent a space in a commercial data centre such as ours.
  • Increased uptime – When hosting an in-house data centre, small businesses especially, tend to house their servers in storage closets or office spaces which have been converted for this purpose. Normally there is no power redundancy which puts your server and in extension your business at risk. Whereas hosting with a commercial data centre guarantees you a 99.99% uptime rate.
  • Reduced risk – Not only do data centres offer built-in redundancy, but they also offer disaster recovery contingency planning (DRCP) to ensure your critical data is safe. 24 hour physical security ensures that only authorised staff have access to your servers.

Reasons why to consider Colocation


  • Safety – Colocation centres have special procedures and equipment in place to protect your equipment from hazards such as theft and fires.
  • Ease of Maintenance – The colocation centres take care of the routers, switches, power supplies, cables –  and anything else needed to support your server.
  • Speed – At colocation centres the network connections are extremely fast, as they are linked directly to the major providers.

For clients who have small sites for things such as blogs or personal use, colocation would not be deemed beneficial. If however the server is needed to be more sturdy than what is provided by standard web hosting, colocation would then be the best option. It is also recommended for small businesses who wish to have a fairly large web presence, but do not wish to have to deal with the admin of running / hosting your own server.

For more information on colocation or if you are interested in hosting with us give us a call on 021 880 2228.

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