The world of Reseller Web Hosting.

What is reseller web hosting?


reseller web hosting


Most people don’t realize that reseller web hosting is a form of shared web hosting. What happens is this: you buy in bulk (Wholesale web hosting) from a “parent” web hosting company and you are then able to split the reseller account up and sell it to your own clients.

To make it easier to understand, think of it as an apartment block you just bought from a real estate agent. Once you gain ownership of the building, you begin renting out individual units. Reseller web hosting works much the same.

I’m a Reseller, what can I do next?


  • Become your own hosting company – make money by hosting and creating websites.
  • Create custom hosting plans, tailored to best suit your customers and your business.
  • Billing your clients is left entirely up to you – Charge your clients as you see fit.
  • You also have the ability to create independent cPanel control panels for each of your clients.
reseller web hosting

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Advantages of Reseller Hosting


  • No Maintenance – A reselling plan is similar to having a dedicated server, only with one important difference. You won’t have to worry about complicated server issues, should something go wrong.
  • More control – With reseller web hosting you are given the ability to “micromanage” your site. You will have access to many features which are not usually available. You’ll have control over your disk space usage, bandwidth limits and much more.
  • Lower cost – With reseller web hosting you are given the opportunity to purchase bandwidth and storage at a wholesale price. This means that everything you sell, will allow you the opportunity to either make part or full profit once the resale process has begun.
  • Reliability – As a reseller, you can help your customers by providing them with enough amounts of bandwidth and storage to help reduce any issues and claims of instability.


When all is said and done.


Reseller web hosting is ideal for web designers who wish to have web hosting as an additional service, or if you are a start-up entrepreneur who wants to get into the game of web hosting.


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