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The concept of shared hosting may leave you confuzzled, but not to worry as Simon van der Merwe, a skilled member of our techie team, breaks it down for you.

Hosting is a service that allows you access to your website or other domain services (such as emailing etc.) via the internet. Shared hosting in particular, is the most popular choice for establishing a web presence in an affordable way. Even with the rise of virtualization and other affordable hosting options, shared hosting remains the preferred option. This is mainly due to its affordability and great ease of use.

Shared Hosting

How it works:

With shared hosting, your domain shares not only the physical machine, but also (depending on the configuration) the same hard drive, partition and operating system. You also share the cost of any maintenance done on the server, so the “shared” refers to the software platform as well as maintenance & administration – not only the physical machine.

The perks of choosing shared hosting.

  • Cost – Shared hosting is far more affordable than dedicated and VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting.
  • Hands-on Providers – The maintenance and administration are handled by the technicians of the hosting providers.
  • 24-hour Support – Most hosting companies, such as ours, offer a high level of technical support to all shared hosting clients.

Linux vs Windows hosting.

Shared Hosting

We understand that not everyone has the same preference when dealing with hosting, which is why we offer both Windows and Linux hosting.

The most popular operating systems for shared hosting are Linux-based, to the extent that some companies do not offer Windows hosting at all. This is because Linux is considered more secure, stable and much cheaper to maintain. Our most popular packages are Linux Basic and Linux Silver. Linux Basic is fantastic for small, static websites and Silver ideal for database-driven websites that want to make use of Drupal, WordPress, or other popular Content Management Systems.

Windows is a good choice for people who built their websites using the .Net framework, ASP, or any other Windows-exclusive technology. It is also the platform that casual users are most familiar with and will be more comfortable with. Even though control panel software makes having to work on an operating system level unnecessary, some familiarity with the operating system your domain is hosted on, will make tasks like changing permissions significantly easier.

With shared hosting, you gain access to your own Control Panel!

The Plesk control panel is an extremely powerful software package which gives users the capability to administer and control many aspects of their hosting environment. It has great functionality, from simple tasks to the more complex. This makes it all available in an easily-accessible way. We are excited to be in the process of transitioning to the new generation of Plesk control panel software – PPA, which will further increase accessibility and ease of use. If you’re interested in trying out the interface, there is a public demo available here:

The shared hosting plan is ideal for clients who wish to host new sites with low levels of traffic. It is an affordable and easily-maintainable form of hosting. However, as traffic grows, many sites find it necessary to upgrade hosting to a more sturdy server hosting plan. For more information visit:

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