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Why Choose Cloud Hosting.

Virtual Server Hosting | Cloud HostingVirtual server hosting is only the greatest innovation to the internet, so why aren’t you taking part in it? Gain all the benefits and control of having a server without having to physical house the product.

Servers are noisy, they give off heat, they take up space, and they increase your power bill. If they break, you have to swap the hardware yourself, or pay a tech entirely too much to come out just to change a stick of RAM. The upkeep on a physical server takes almost as much time as the data transfer and actual hosting you need to get done. It’s a headache, to say the least.

That’s where cloud hosting comes in. Snowball takes all the hassle of a physical server off your hands, leaving you time to do your real job. With the ability to remotely reboot your server and full root access, it’s just like having the machine in the room with you without having to invest in the physical hardware.

With your site and business booming, you need to drop that shared hosting. No more complaints about exceeding your usage, or waiting while someone who doesn’t know or care about you gets around to reinstalling your backup. Cloud hosting puts you firmly in control, and gives you the space you need to run your business.

Snowball also gives you the flexibility of Ubuntu or Windows operating systems, allowing the newest server admin to the most advanced to manage the setup. You can pick the ease with which you want your server to work, and how many domains you want to link to your new server. Everything you could do with a box in your corner, you can do with Snowball.

And Snowball’s expert technical support is always available to you, no matter the size of your cloud hosting needs. You aren’t alone with a host like this, simply in charge.

What’s stopping you from joining the cloud community?

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