What is the perfect internet package for you?

Choosing the correct internet package to best suit your needs can be a tricky business. Our CEO Eugene van der Merwe understands this and has come up with a few recommendations to help you find the perfect package to suit your every need.

We have illustrated a few persona’s that you, the user, might identify with.
Find the Avatar that relates to your needs and see what exciting offers we have in store for you!

           The Gamer

internet package

Key requirements:

  • Low latency
  • Cost





Latency is the time it takes for a digital message (also called a packet) to travel from point A to B and back. The lower the latency, the faster the link. When gamers are participating in multi-player games, low latency can be the difference between victory and default . Some sample values of latency:

  • For South African servers, 10 ms to 20 ms is very fast.
  • For international servers, 160 ms is very fast.

In spite of what you might think, most gamers are not teenagers. A huge proportion of gamers grew up in the Atari / early video games era and are now in their late thirties. Cost is an issue for gamers, but latency rulez.

Snowball’s ideal packages

  • 4Mbps, 25GB Wireless Internet with Auto Top Up function

The Small Business Owner

internet package The Small Business Owner

Key requirements:

  • Reliability
  • Backup and support (also called Technical support)





No business ever wants to be without Internet. People reply on e-mail to conduct important business transactions and money is lost when the Internet isn’t working. In addition, Small Business Owners are often stretched for resources and don’t have sufficient  time to get involved with their IT department.

When choosing your package, choose an ISP that is renowned for their reliability. Also work with people who provide excellent Technical support. When you have a problem with your connection at work, you need to have certainty that you can phone people who know what they are doing.

Snowball’s ideal packages

  • 1Mbps – 4Mbps, Business Uncapped ADSL
  • 1Mbps – 4Mbps, Business Uncapped Wireless Internet

The Granny

internet package


Key requirements:

  • Read e-mail
  • Skype with family
  • Facebook
  • Google stuff



Granny wants to read her e-mail, video Skype with the children / grandchildren and possibly see photos of her friends and family on Facebook. Of these services, Skype video is the most bandwidth-intensive, which means if she wants to do the video portion, she’ll need ample cap. If granny only wants to Skype chat without the video, the cap will not be so important. As far as reading e-mail and doing Facebook, most Internet packages will do.

Snowball’s ideal packages

  • 1Mbps, 2 GB Wireless or ADSL for usage excluding video calls
  • 1Mbps, 5 – 10GB Wireless or ADSL for usage including video calls

The Corporate User

The Corporate User internet package

Key requirements:

  • Redundancy
  • Load Balancing
  • Automated Systems
  • Symmetrical Internet (especially for hosting own systems)




Just as small business owners can never be without Internet, nor can Corporates. In order to have always-on Internet, a large firm needs to focus on both redundancy and load balancing.

Redundancy is when you have more than one line for when the primary line fails.
Load balancing serves to ensure that none of your lines are ever saturated. For example, browsing must always be fast and e-mail must never clog up the pipes.

Corporates (or any company with +- 25 users or more) normally have in-house IT support and they want an ISP that gives them a system whereby they can administer their own users.

Some corporates might host their own data and therefore will need symmetrical internet –  instead of the typical asymmetrical Internet that is provided with cheaper packages. Symmetrical Internet means that the Internet is the same speed for both upload and download, whereas asymmetrical internet download speeds are normally the fastest and upload is limited.

Snowball’s ideal packages:

  • 2Mbps – 10Mbps Symmetrical Wireless Internet

The Student

The Student internet package


Key requirements:

  • Cost
  • Peer to peer





Cost is an issue for students, but luckily all Snowball’s wireless packages are extremely competitively priced.
Peer to peer technology allows you to share files on your own computer with other computer users. Instead of first sending the file to a server the file is sent directly from your computer to the other person’s computer. As of Jan 2013 peer-to-peer is supported.

Any type of uncapped wireless package will do. We say wireless, because one does not need a Telkom landline and one doesn’t need to pay Telkom ADSL access costs. Terms are flexible with a month to month notice period and the service can be switched off during holidays to avoid unnecessary costs.

Snowball’s ideal packages

  • 1Mbps Uncapped Home Wireless Internet

The Average Joe Family Man

The Average Joe internet package

Key requirements

  • Hotspot – to serve the whole family
  • Uncapped





We suggest a family gets Uncapped Internet. If you are a family, then you will have diverse user needs in your house. For example, your kids might want to play online games, your wife might want to research on decor and gardening and, while you want to have fast access to the stock market. We often get calls from families who have capped packages and then they are surprised that they have such high usage. Stop the hassle of being capped and just get an uncapped line.

As a bonus we suggest you install a hotspot, so that all your iPads and Android phones can access the Internet.

Snowball’s ideal packages

  • 4Mbps Uncapped Wireless or ADSL Internet

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