Quizlet -5 Alerts that your mother needs an "upgrade".

It’s quizlet time. Test yourself. We dare you.

When you are smack in the middle of a Manchester United game, does your mother accidentally change the channel just by looking at or being near the TV remote?

Does she pocket-dial you at least 3 times a week during which you have to hear embarrassing conversations between her and your father? When bringing you coffee at your desk, she places the cup on the mousepad, while you’re busy using your mouse, doesn’t she?

My friend, It’s high tide that your mother needs a visit to Snowball for Tech 101!

If you identify your mother in any of the following, contact us immediately for some short courses on how to improve one’s tech-savviness!

1. Her definition of “online gaming” is playing a good pot of Solitaire



Hardcore Solitaire

Now if you’re really hardcore into this game, you change the theme of the deck of cards. Only the wild players choose the seashell motif. Let’s hope your mother sticks to the default design.

2. When you return to your computer after your mother (allegedly) only used Skype for a few minutes, your desktop looks like this:



The Mother’s desktop. Maybe even a picture of Kenny G in the background


3. Simple instructions are useless, but she yells at you when you buy regular All Bran Flakes instead of Special K.



Conversation between you and your mom


4. She violates the code and walks into your room anytime, even when the sock is on the doorknob:



Akward room time


5. She adheres to bogus advice on how to “fix things” and fix them good



Golden idea


Just joking guys!

I truly think it’s safe to say that today’s mothers are so tech-savvy they can give some pretty skilled IT guys a run for their money. We honour our Mama’s and all they have taught us. After all – they are the ones that bought us our very first computer. The one with Windows 97 on it, remember?

This post is dedicated to all our hardworking, tech-savvy moms that make this digital world, a fun and inspiring one.

Happy Mother’s day to all the Snowball Moms that helped us grow to where we are today.

Though we forget to say I love you sometimes, we know that you make the best darn waffles in the whole wide world!



Leave us a comment and share with us the story of the first computer your Mom bought YOU. . .