Pop Quiz: Just how Tech-savvy are you?

Level: Intermediate

Pop Quiz


Find out if you are smarter than your kids and colleagues in our fun Pop Quiz!


Take our fun quiz to see how clued up you are about Social media, the Internet, computers and mobile devices! Go ahead,  Brag a little…

But don’t be too tech-savvy by Googling all the answers now! You ready?

  1. Which company did Steve Case co-create?

A)   Yahoo
B)   AOL
C)   Apple
D)   Amazon

  1. What is the verb for “posting a Twitter message”?

A)   Twitter
B)   Twit
C)   Tweet
D)   Chirp

  1. In what year was the iPhone introduced?

A)   2006
B)   2007
C)   2008
D)   2009

  1. What does URL stand for?

A)   Unibrow resource locator
B)   Universal reference link
C)   Universal range link
D)   Universal resource locator

  1. What do you call a small, lightweight and inexpensive laptop?

A)   Netbook
B)   Notebook
C)   Lapbook
D)   Smartbook

  1. When using the mobile app: Foursquare, what do you call a person who has checked-in to a place more than anyone in 2months?

A)   Master
B)   Mayor
C)   Governor
D)   Expert

  1. What is a single binary digit, 0 or 1?

A)   Bit
B)   Gig
C)   Byte
D)  Kilobyte

  1. What is a tool that finds web pages in online databases based on terms and criteria by the user?

A)   Server
B)   Network
C)   World Wide Web
D)   Search engine

  1. Which country has a video game addiction hotline that offers support to gamers?

A)   Thailand
B)   Japan
C)   South Korea
D)   Germany

  1. When connecting to people on Pinterest and expand your network, you are able to ******   friends / users?

A)   follow
B)   pin
C)   add
D)   plus

Feeling confident and smarter already? How do you think you scored?

Here are the answers!


You get 1 mark for each correct answer. (thanks, Captain Obvious!)

Pop Quiz
Pop Quiz

Well there you are! No more pressure from the youth these days. It is confirmed.

You are either an online whiz or a digital dummy! But fear not, you are NEVER too old to learn something new and interesting! The technological world is a vast sea of endless possibilities. So open your browser and start researching!

If you’ve scored 10 out of 10 for this quiz, buy yourself an Oreo McFlurry and take the day off! – You know enough 😉


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