Christmas Gift Ideas for the Tech Man.

As Santa’s sleigh bells draw ever nearer, women across the globe tear their hair out in collective frustration over the nightmare that is shopping for a man. But never fear – we’re got a few Christmas gift ideas up our sleeves.

If your guy spends a lot of time at his desk, he’ll always be looking for new ways to pimp it out. This USB desk fan from (R685) will ensure he stays cool and looks cool. Aircon is so mainstream.


Are you married to a flashy dresser? NicSocks is a brand new range of mens fashion hosiery with a fun twist. You can buy them individually (R99) or purchase one of their packages, where they send you several pairs over a year period. What makes these bad boys über cool is the funky designs – ranging from a barber shop pole, to Super Mario inspired, to Oompa Loompa legs. Winning on so many levels.


For the young boy at heart, how about this gun alarm clock from Mantality (R299)? When your alarm goes off in the morning, you have to shoot at the target to switch it off. Eyes open, James Bond-mode engaged, and he’ll be ready to start the day with no snooze button needed. Hope you like your coffee shaken, not stirred.


Is your guy a budding photographer? Is he always taking pictures of your dinner? Does he have a Facebook album called “Selfies”? Well then it’s time for a big boy camera. This Lomography Holga Starter Kit from A Store is a super photography gadget. It’s a medium-format camera with a colour wheel that tints your exposures with yellow, red, blue or clear light. Equipped with the “B” setting for long exposures. Almost like an old school Instagram camera!


For the bookworms, if he hasn’t read it already, we highly recommend getting him Steve Job’s autobiography (R350 from Exclus1ves). Especially if he owns an Apple product 🙂 This man did not become the success he did without knowing a thing or two about modern business. And even if he doesn’t read, it’s a great brag piece to display on your coffee table – stick in a few bookmarks, highlight some paragraphs, and invite your boss over for dinner 😉


A man who is into his beer will definitely appreciate our next suggestion. Craft beer is a fast growing trend and hobby with beer enthusiasts in South Africa. Sick of him running off to the pub without you? Make it a fun activity you can do together! Get him started with this Mr Beer Home-Brewing Kit (R1499) and he can make his own brew, bru.


Every woman wants her man to smell nice. And since we know how bad some men are at treating themselves to “male grooming products”, Christmas is the perfect opportunity to help them out. Not all men are into smellies, so you may have to start them off slow. Try this Woolworths 3 piece gift set for men (R179,95) which includes an eau de toilette, an aftershave and a body wash.


No man’s outfit is complete without a Leatherman in his pocket. One simply does not know when one will need to rewire a plug, or untie a hostage, or pick a lock to free a litter of puppies from an illegal dog fighting syndicate. This one from Camping Equipment Online is decked out enough to be impressive, but won’t break the bank at R735.


We hope these gift ideas have given you some inspiration and food for thought. No more soap on a rope or a pack of 5 sports socks. We’ve also made sure that all of these products are available online, so that if you’re feeling really tech savvy or are just pushed for time, you can order these things online. Happy shopping!

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