‘Cause geeks need to eat too

Snowball’s guide to a healthy diet for the ultra geek…


My mom always used to say a healthy breakfast consists of half a grapefruit with some natural honey and a cup of black tea. Wholesome and nutritious. My mom has clearly never tasted grapefruit before.

Because here at Snowball, we care about your nutrition and health, we know that you have a heavy schedule of gaming, playing Xbox and fiddling on arb websites each day.

Feast your face on some creative toasties with an ultra cool pacman motif. Topped off with a soft Checkers bun mouse with pink polony, a tomato for health and a USB stick of tasty cheddar cheese. Mmm… Top of the mornin’ to ya!

Tea time

Anywhere from 10:00 to 11:00 we do realize that energy levels are a bit low. You probably only woke up now and missed the pre breakfast as mentioned above. Here’s the cure: Sugar, Sugar and more sweet sugar. Make a double scoop Nescafe coffee with nice frothy foam (cause geeks can be fancy too alright) and treat yourself with a creative design on top. To complement the caffeine coma, we suggest with some tasty Linux and Windows cupcakes. A nice iCookie would be good too – just slide to unlock the deliciousness.

Lunch break

We’ve got bento lunches up the wazoo at the offices. Anything from laptops made entirely from sushi & salmon, tempura remote controllers and pizza’s that resemble your favourite computer games. Slice of Angry Bird Pizza anyone?

Birthday party

Few geeks feel the need to make a big whoop of this annual celebration date. Mainly because non-cyber friends aren’t really that important and your mom just can’t capture Zelda’s cleavage quite the way you remember it in your dreams. May we change your perception today with these nerdy delicacies.

Slice your way through a laptop cake that would be the envy of any experienced hacker or Keen4E player alike. If you are a geek that has money (highly likely) you may want to order the world record QR cake, weighing a shy 3 tons. It required 730kg of cheese, 750kg of milk, 245 kg of chocolate, 390kg of butter and 600kg of “egg mixture”. It took 10 hours and 25 bakers to complete. Splash out a little mmmkay.

Work function social

Bored of the old water-cooler talk every Tuesday or every time someone snatches that promotion that you deserved? Here are a few lift-me-up ideas that could divert your attention to more tasty things.

Instead of the usual puff pastries, tamatie en kaasbroodjies & Pick ‘n Pay viennas, we recommend the Pacman chicken nugget, complete with peas and lemon. Or strike up a new inter-office romance by sharing some Milkybar keyboard chocolate? These come in dark and milk chocolate too and can be practised on real girls. (your conversational skills I mean)

At your wedding

When you meet your dream gamer girl or woman that has to put up with your tech-addicted face for the rest of your young lives, why not propose to be in charge of the cake for the wedding? Choose from these delightful 8 bit cake toppers, Xbox tier cake or any classy theme that comes to that warped mind.She’ll be super impressed and won’t even notice that you’re wearing sneakers at the altar.

Geek wedding
Bonus tip and recommendations:

DISCLAIMER: These are merely serving suggestions and should not be tried at the office, computer studies class or the comfort of your own home.

When you are too sad to part ways with your old Nokia. And you’re possibly hungry.
Answer: You deep fry it


 When you’re food is cold and you’re more of a hot sandwich guy:

You warm it using your computer cables – may serve as a low-efficiency snackwich maker for the financially challenged employee


If you are not able to get your hands on any food and these recommendations mean nothing to you,try this helpful tip:


‘Cause geeks need to eat too…


Leave me a comment with your own idea for a nerdy cuisine. Think biker mice for mars pancakes, edible Google Gingerbread houses etc 😉