7 Ways to Celebrate Easter with your IT Nerd

It’s almost Easter time, and for anyone out there lucky enough to be involved with a geek, it can be tough getting him into the spirit of things -let alone venturing into the wild outdoors (A.K.A. your back garden) to hunt for Easter eggs! Here are a few ways you can celebrate Easter without spooking him into never leaving the comfort of his PC ever again.

Dress up as the Easter Bunny


Now we’re not talking about a full-size onesie fake fur suit here, ladies! If you want to get him excited enough about Easter to look up from his computer screens, you’ve got to embrace the naughty bunny persona. We guarantee you he’ll get super excited about chocolate eggs and bunnies. If you’re a bit shy, never fear. Cute little bunny ears are enough to get his attention. You’ll definitely restore his belief in the Easter Bunny!

Hide Virtual Eggs on his PC That are Gift Certificates to Fun Activities


Not all guys like chocolate. If you’re man would rather eat an omelette than a marshmallow egg, this is a great alternative. Come up with different ideas of activities you can do together as a couple, and then create cute little Easter themed images containing the activities, and hide them on his computer. Put them in folders, make draft emails for his inbox, hide them in documents…and he’ll have fun hunting them down. After that you get to do all the activities too! They can range from dinner at a fancy restaurant, to crazy golf, to just hanging out at your local park. Variety is the spice of life 🙂

Make it a Gaming Day with Easter Egg Prizes



If he really cannot bear to be apart from his gaming console for even one day, then turn it into a group activity with an Easter twist. Play together, either against each other or as a team and every time you reach a milestone (or one of you beats the other), reward yourself with Speckled Eggs! Now remember girls, no arguing. Unless you’re winning! But really – the point is to spend time together and work yourselves up into a chocolate induced coma, and he’ll appreciate your efforts in trying your hand at gaming.

Have a Movie Marathon Indoor Picnic Day


Combine a man’s favourite activities, namely movie marathons and eating, into one Easter themed epic day. Plan a picnic with all his favourite foods, including some Easter treats and a bottle of wine. Then get your hands on his favourite box set (Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Batman…) and settle in for a day of movies, cuddles and Easter treats. You can even lay a blanket on the lounge floor and go full out on the picnicking experience – it will only add to the romance of the day. If the weather is chilly, get a fire going and make some cocoa with marshmallow Easter eggs – don’t forget to put the cocoa in a thermos flask, picnic style!

Boy-Themed Easter Gift


Earn some extra geek badges by packaging his Easter treats inside a geeky novelty gift. Mugs are the perfect way to do this, and there are some pretty cool options out there. And if chocolate isn’t his thing then fill it with biltong! If your gift is as cool as these examples, he won’t even notice the yummy treats inside them 🙂 If there is one thing we know about geeks, it’s that they cannot get enough gadgets and toys. This kind of present will never disappoint.

Surprise Him with Breakfast in Bed



Get crafty with some craft paints and a boiled egg, then surprise him with a yummy Easter brekkie. After that how could he possibly want to spend all day behind his PC instead of with his amazing bacon-makin’ lady? Okay, well if he’s a computer geek he still might… It will earn you some serious brownie points though. I mean, who doesn’t like to be woken up with bacon and eggs?

Get Romantic with a Chocolate Fondue


Nobody can resist the gloriously dippy allure of a chocolate fondue. It makes for an excellent way to spend some quality time with your geek, and an excuse to try dipping all your Easter eggs in chocolate. I know, chocolate dipped in chocolate – have you ever?! Make sure you stock up on his favourite snacks to impress him. And if you’re feeling daring, try adding some coffee liqueur to your chocolate mix – divine!

Do drop us a comment with your own suggestions on how to get his attention this Easter!