6 Worst Tech Tie-ins of Our Time.

Let’s take a look at the 6 Worst Tech Tie-ins of Our Time.

Last week Google announced that the next version of Android will be called “KitKat”. For some of you this may come across as somewhat of a surprise, but as it turns out Google has been naming their operating system after sweet treats for the past 4 years. Once we had discovered what Google was getting up to, we thought it would be interesting to see how many other Tech-related products had been “tied-in” with a less than conventional counterpart. Here’s what we’ve come across.

Lady Gaga’s Polaroid Printer.

Worst Tech Tie-ins

Yep, you read correctly, in 2011 Polaroid and Lady Gaga teamed up and were proud to introduce the GL10 Instant Mobile Printer. Back in 2010 it was announced that Lady Gaga was Polaroid’s new Creative Director, however we only started to see new products being released by mid 2011.

There was even talk of a GL20 Polaroid camera being released, but were sorry to hear that this concept never took off, quite possibly due to the fact that they made you look ridiculous when you wore it, Ms Gaga thought the best way to use this camera was by wearing it on your face like a pair of sunglasses.

The Asus Lamborghini Laptop.

Worst Tech Tie-ins

Customizing the look and feel of your laptop is one thing, but to fully convert it into a rather expensive and obnoxious car brand is something entirely different. One would think the guys over at Asus would agree, but unfortunately they are still churning these babies out.

If you are willing to spend over R20 000 on a laptop which looks like it was designed by a teenager and doesn’t feel like it is particularly well put together, then this is the laptop for you.

The LG Prada.

Worst Tech Tie-ins

LG and Prada have been working together to find the perfect blend between expensive couture and mobile phone technology for over 5 years now, and the results have been less than promising. In this time they have come out with three devices namely; the LG Prada, the LG KF900 Prada, and more recently the LG Prada 3.0.

Though the LG Prada 3.0 looks like your average  touch screen device, it does come with its limitations, and at a starting price of over R5000, you would hope for a phone that has more to offer than just a fancy name tag.

David Beckham’s Motorola Aura.

Worst Tech Tie-ins

Now we all love a good soccer player, and you won’t find many more popular than David Beckham, but to pair him up with a cellphone company to boost sales? Swing and a miss guys, swing and a miss.

The Motorola Aura was released in 2009 and the initial reaction was rather promising, that was until Mr Beckham himself was spotted a mere 3 weeks later sitting at a cafe in Milan talking on the phone. Question is, was he using the newly released Motorola Aura? Unfortunately for Motorolla, the answer to that question was no.

The U2 iPod.

Worst Tech Tie-ins

U2 may not be a name you hear all that often these days, but back in 2004 they were all the rage, and iPod decided to cash in on this musical sensation by introducing the U2 iPod. U2 seemed to benefit from this pairing more than iPod as they received free publicity worth millions for their latest album.

All that this price increase got you was a black 20GB iPod with an odd-looking red scroll wheel, a money-off coupon for the U2 digital box set and a free poster. Was it a success? We don’t seem to think so.

Canon EOS 550D Jackie Chan Edition.

Worst Tech Tie-ins

What exactly does a skilled karate movie star and camera brand have in common? Absolutely nothing! Did that stop Canon from collaborating on a special edition camera? Well no actually, the Canon 550D Jackie Chan Edition camera was a China-only product and the only noticeable differences between it and the 550D original was a different neck strap, a better lens, and a leather case.

As big as a celebrity Jackie Chan is in China, the concept of the special edition camera unfortunately never took off.

If you know of any other tech tie-ins that were better left an idea rather than a product, drop us a comment and tell us what you thought.

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