10 Websites that every woman should bookmark.

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Websites that every woman should bookmark

Meanwhile, in 1986…


Not so sure about you, but I spend way too much time looking at old highschool friends’ Facebook updates and going through work emails, between spending time on almost all social media platforms for my company. Somewhere in between my first cup of green tea and 5th naartjie, I’ve wasted 30 minutes looking at useless internet “gemors”. Again. I’ve compiled a list of the 10 websites that every woman should bookmark and the reason these specific sites are so extremely popular among women today.

Life is too short to Google every existing problem or query or trust other people’s opinion about what’s entertaining. Today we’re bringing the best of the Internet to you ma’am! This selection includes anything from delectable foodie pics, recipes, dating advice, where to shop, health and fitness ideas, where to eat in the Western Cape (making use of Groupon, natuurlik) and how to stay in mental shape too.

Go on.. unwrap that Ferrero Rocher and discover the most entertaining and nifty websites for South African women…

1.Pinterest www.pinterest.com

There is absolutely NOTHING that you can’t find visually on Pinterest. The jist of it is that you get to bookmark photos and images from various sites that you want to keep for the future. These images are called “Pins” and you can create different boards according to your interest. The function is to keep an online collage of inspirational ideas on literally anything and everything.

You can pin ideas for house decor, DIY furniture, health remedies, fitness tips, travel photography and any recipe you can think of. So much fun – it will keep your mind active and give you that passion again to create, organize and bake again. See an example of a real pinner here .http://pinterest.com/surferchickie/

2. Supercook http://www.supercook.com/

You know when you go to Food Lovers market and buy everything in bulk in the hopes that your family will consume more healthy fruits and veg. You’ve been dying to make your “green smoothies” with that juicer your mother bought you in December. (The plastic still smells new and the instructional pamphlet is still untouched and neatly in the box). So your fridge is full of random tid bits – jar of olives, half an onion and a tupperware with Clover cheese in it… we know the drill. Super cook is the answer. Click on the items that you have in your pantry (milk, eggs, a pear, custard powder) and it generates 1000’s of recipes using only your leftover ingredients! It includes the complete how-to and pictures. Go on, give it a try.

3. Stumbleupon https://www.stumbleupon.com/

This is a site that helps you easily discover new and interesting stuff on the web, based on your interests. Tell them what you like and they’ll introduce you to amazing web pages, videos and photo’s that you wouldn’t find on your own. Humor, Photography, Fashion or Christian books, you rate each site “Like” or “dislike” and it creates an algorithm tailored according to your ratings.

Every stumble is an adventure and you’re in control of what you view. Very cool.

4.Women’s Health http://www.womenshealthmag.com/

So your treadmill is comfortably overnighting in the garage (since you bought it in 1993) and you’ve been trying to sell that thing on Gumtree forever. No replies to your ad, right? Don’t feel bad. Exercise doesn’t “fix everything” like they make you believe. If we’ve learnt anything from Nigella, enjoy your food and live a healthy, balanced lifestyle in general. A little indulgence here and there never has never thrown anyone into morbid obesity. Find tips online on natural slimming remedies, which vitamin boosters are on special at Dischem and how to do butt-flexes in your lunchtime. All good fun and keeps the guilt away after a rich winter lamb potjiekos weekend. Thank me later.

5. Huisgenoot (online) http://huisgenoot.com/

You magazine is chock and block full of skinder stories, updates on ruby stars and who they are dating, cool crossword puzzles for snuggling up at the fireplace, while watching 7de laan and insightful reading about Nataniel’s antics. An old SA favourite I’d say. Now you don’t have to rush at the robots to buy Die Burger and Huisgenoot’s party pack and almost kill the poor seller and throw his R2 out the window. The online version is free and more eco-friendly anyway.

6. Gumtree www.gumtree.co.za

Your old Elton John and Beatles vinyls have lost all sentiment, you’re moving to Cape Town and ouma Johanna’s grammophone must be worth a fortune right? Better get rid of it. Gumtree is so useful for selling anything and everything, as everybody knows that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Here you can find a baby sitter, so that you and Jaco can finally go to the new seafood restaurant for your anniversary. It’s winter and your jack russel can’t stay indoors every night. Buy a 2nd hand dog kennel on here. You can type in your own custom search and find book clubs and salsa lessons in your suburb. Great website to save money and even find a new job. It’s a very trusted and well-known site that could be useful to almost anyone. Check it out

6.Woman online http://womanonline.co.za/

Cool website that is of interest to woman’s lifestyle. You can also browse special deals on Winter boots, sales at places like Zando and Edgars, get advice on family matters, remedies for toddlers, kiddy party ideas, feminine issues and general tips and tricks for eating healthy and making a super awesome home.

7. Kyknet http://kyknet.dstv.com/

Provided that you have DSTV at your home, here you can quickly see what’s on the telly tonight. I hate it when I’m checking my emails at work and the mood to watch Kokkedoor (SA’s new cooking show) or SA masterchef befalls me and the DSTV guide is on my coffee table at home.
Check the Kyknet schedule online, phone up your best friend or hubby and schedule a date night with some Pinotage and Lamb rogan josh.

8. Dating Buzz http://www.datingbuzz.co.za/s/

If you’re a bubbly and young at heart divorcee or simply haven’t found your ideal guy (‘cause you don’t just date any old Jan, Piet en sy maats), this site could change your mind forever. I’ve always been skeptical about dating sites and the stigma that is attached, but with the ever-declining emotional quotient and romance of today’s men, I was quite surprised at the results of this website. A friend of mine met her longterm boyfriend through it and after many safe and platonic meetings, fell in love and are now engaged to be married in September.

Don’t be scared – you’ll be surprised at how many decent, attractive and stable men are looking to meet someone like you – they just need a little help because they’re shy.

9. Pinkerjen www.pinkerjen.com

Here is the best part of it all. It’s a site created by one of our own amazing Snowball women, Jennifer Moss. It’s a A South African beauty blog where you’ll find posts about makeup trends, product reviews and cosmetic news. She also posts about her other big passion – theatre. On top of that you’ll be privy to her personal rantings and blunderings. Fun blogs jam-packed with lots of entertaining tidbits.

10. Yuppiechef www.yuppiechef.co.za

Like a sweet ‘pampoenkoekie’, we’ve saved the best for last. This is one of our personal favourite sites and just one of the many reasons we love to be South African. Yuppiechef is jam packed full of the quirkiest, most efficient and off the top amazing bakingware, kitchen utensils, gifts and culinary products you can imagine. They are so creative in every sense of the word. You look online, spot what you like, order and a personalized treat lands on your doorstep very shortly after. The gift is hand-wrapped and a personal hand written note written by the human hand – in true lady style on a scented pink paper. It feels like a gift from an old friend. Prices on the site aren’t bad at all – depending on what you’re looking to buy. Quite affordable for what is on offer – anything from nespresso machines, to lemon zesters, measuring cups and muffin tins. Very affordable and oh so trendy – not just for yuppies though.

Prepare to be dazzled! Enjoy ladies.