6 Worst Tech Tie-ins of Our Time.

Let’s take a look at the 6 Worst Tech Tie-ins of Our Time. Last week Google announced that the next version of Android will be called “KitKat”. For some of you this may come across as somewhat of a surprise, but as it turns out Google has been naming their operating system after sweet treats […]

10 Websites that every woman should bookmark.

Browse, create and go nuts.     Not so sure about you, but I spend way too much time looking at old highschool friends’ Facebook updates and going through work emails, between spending time on almost all social media platforms for my company. Somewhere in between my first cup of green tea and 5th naartjie, […]

‘Cause geeks need to eat too

Snowball’s guide to a healthy diet for the ultra geek… Breakfast My mom always used to say a healthy breakfast consists of half a grapefruit with some natural honey and a cup of black tea. Wholesome and nutritious. My mom has clearly never tasted grapefruit before. Because here at Snowball, we care about your nutrition […]

Snowball’s 10 facts about the internet.

Running out of tech savvy conversation starters? Find these 10 interesting facts about the internet you probably didn’t know.  Fear not! Snowball has come up with 10 sensational facts you probably didn’t know about the internet and similar geekery. Save these to your phone, as these are sure to get any conversation headed in the right […]

Tech quiz- I have never!

Do the tech quiz- I have never! Are you keeping up in the fast lane or are you simply marching to the beat of your own Nokia ringtone?   Trends come and go, as do duckface poses on Facebook, Photoshopped cat pictures and general hatred for Justin Bieber. Man naturally gravitates toward being a herd […]

7 Ways to Celebrate Easter with your IT Nerd

It’s almost Easter time, and for anyone out there lucky enough to be involved with a geek, it can be tough getting him into the spirit of things -let alone venturing into the wild outdoors (A.K.A. your back garden) to hunt for Easter eggs! Here are a few ways you can celebrate Easter without spooking […]

Pop Quiz: Just how Tech-savvy are you?

Level: Intermediate   Find out if you are smarter than your kids and colleagues in our fun Pop Quiz!   Take our fun quiz to see how clued up you are about Social media, the Internet, computers and mobile devices! Go ahead,  Brag a little… But don’t be too tech-savvy by Googling all the answers […]

What is the perfect internet package for you?

Choosing the correct internet package to best suit your needs can be a tricky business. Our CEO Eugene van der Merwe understands this and has come up with a few recommendations to help you find the perfect package to suit your every need. We have illustrated a few persona’s that you, the user, might identify […]