How to Top Up.

At Snowball we strive for customer satisfaction through friendly and efficient support in all departments. To further extend our customer support we will be posting “How to’s” weekly on topics which we hope will make life on the web a whole lot easier for you.

To get the ball rolling our first topic will be “How to top up”, for all our clients who currently have capped accounts.

Now lets get down to it…


As a capped Snowball client, you have a set amount of gigs per month at your disposal. Now we raise the question; once those gigs are used up what is the easiest way for you to top up?

Allow me to explain… When your cap has been reached and you attempt to open a web page, you are greeted by this Snowball page:

How to Top Up.

We have made the process of topping up as easy as possible. You may choose to either use our online top up through our website, or via SMS.

Online Top Up


If you choose to use our online facility you will be redirected to the following page:

How to Top Up.

Here you are asked to enter your product username and password and select the amount of gigs you wish to top up, after that click next.

You will then be able to see the following page:

How to Top Up.

Here you will find; what package you are currently on as well as how much you would like to top up by and the price. You are also given the option, at this stage ,to change the amount you wish to top up. Once you are happy with the information you may click “confirm” and the following page will be opened:

How to Top Up.

This Means you have successfully topped up your account and are ready to resume browsing. Its that easy!

Please note: If your account is paid by credit card, please be sure to click on pay by credit card now. You will not have to pay immediately, all this will do is ensure that your top up invoices are changed to the credit card payment method and will then be debited from your credit card.

Now for SMS topups


When you choose the SMS option, you are asked to send “topup username password” to 32015. Eg: topup pass12$. SMS’s charged at R1.00. This option will add a top up of 1GB to your account.

How to Top Up.

If the top up was successful you will receive a reply SMS as follows:

How to Top Up.

If you cannot remember your login details you may select the “click here” option just below the instructions on how to top up via SMS and you will be redirected to this page:

How to Top Up.

You are given the option to either recover your password by giving your ADSL / wireless username. Or you may recover your username by giving your registered cell phone number.

Once you have received the requested information, you may follow the above mentioned steps to top up via SMS.

If there is anything you, our trusted clients, wish to know more about or how to do, drop us a message in the comments section or send us an email and we will be sure to help you as best we can.

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