How to Prepare For a Domain Transfer.


Domain Transfer

As with most things in the ISP industry, there are things which happen behind the scenes which you may not be fully aware of. When requesting a domain transfer there are a few factors involved that can be the decider between having a quick and easy transfer, and having an absolute nightmare of an experience. As we always try to offer the best and most seamless experience available from an Internet Service Provider, we have put together 5 steps to help make sure your domain transfer is as quick and painless as removing a plaster off a grazed knee.

Step 1 – Up-to-date accounts.

Domain Transfer

Ensure that your account with your current domain hosting company is up-to-date with all payments before pursuing the domain transfer. Any outstanding invoices will result in the domain remaining with you current host – they will hold your domain until all payments are made.

Step 2 – Give proper notice.

Domain Transfer

Domain hosting companies have a specific cancellation period, so be sure to adhere to their times stipulated, before transferring your domain away.

Step 3 – Gather information.

Domain Transfer

Find out the exact procedure / requirements needed for the domain transfer from your new domain hosting company, as procedures may differ from each organization.

Step 4 – Hosting requirements.

Domain Transfer

Depending on the requirements of your hosted domain (what you wish to do with your domain), you may need a hosting package as well. Be sure to research all requirements of your package (Disk space, number of mailboxes, etc) for your domain to function.

Step 5 – Stay a step ahead.

Domain Transfer

Find out which services on your domain may be affected by the transfer and plan accordingly to ensure there are no hiccups along the way. These services may include; the hosting of your emails, website, etc.

The proof is in the pudding.


If you make sure to follow these 5 easy steps you will not only help us transfer your domain more easily, but in extension help you have your domain successfully hosted with us in half the time. This concludes yet another Snowball how to, if there is anything you wish for us to help you with give us a call on 021 880 2228, as we will be more than happy to assist.

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