How to Prepare For a Domain Transfer.

  As with most things in the ISP industry, there are things which happen behind the scenes which you may not be fully aware of. When requesting a domain transfer there are a few factors involved that can be the decider between having a quick and easy transfer, and having an absolute nightmare of an […]

IT Troubleshooting – Part 3.

Now that you’ve learned all that our CEO can teach you about it  troubleshooting basics, it’s time to put you to the test. Eugene has assembled a set of questions for you, with the answers following. So, grab a pen and paper and and give the questionnaire a whirl!  We hope you’ve been paying attention, […]

How to contact Snowball.

  So you’ve seen one of our ads and not sure if you have line of sight, what do you do? Or maybe you wish to upgrade your package, but not sure how to proceed? This week’s “How to” will cover the different means of contacting us and how we proceed with the matter further. Each department […]

How to check your data usage online.

Scared you might reach your cap to soon? Or maybe you want to see just how much bandwidth your latest Youtube rampage really cost you? Not to worry, as for this weeks post is a step by step guide on how to check your data usage online so you never run out of data, as well […]

IT Troubleshooting Part 2.

Introduction   In this IT Troubleshooting part 2 we’ll cover some of the finer details of the troubleshooting process. Hope this give you a better understanding. In today’s installment we’ll cover some of the finer details of the troubleshooting process. Answer to questions raised in Part 1   But first the answer to last week’s […]

How to Top Up.

At Snowball we strive for customer satisfaction through friendly and efficient support in all departments. To further extend our customer support we will be posting “How to’s” weekly on topics which we hope will make life on the web a whole lot easier for you. To get the ball rolling our first topic will be […]

IT Troubleshooting – Part 1.

Introduction     This is the first installment of a three-part series, intended to teach you how to become an expert at technology troubleshooting. The first part covers the proper mindset to achieve long term success. Here you will also find some helpful tools and website recommendations on troubleshooting. This training document originates from a technical course […]