Wireless Equipment Guarantee

Wireless Equipment Guarantee – Upon activation and installation of wireless equipment, we offer up to 12 (twelve) months guarantee on all equipment with the exception of any physical negligence done to the equipment. – Following the 12 (twelve) months period, the equipment, which was purchased upon installation, becomes the property of the client and therefore […]

Affiliate Program Commission

Snowball offers you affiliate program commission when referring new clients to us, allowing you to earn extra money. Kick-start your earnings today and remember that with each new signup you bring to us you earn 5% recurring affiliate program commission on top of your R 100.00 (Affiliate Signup Bonus). For every client that you refer to Snowball you will make instant cash. Referring is […]

Snowball service application form,how to find it?

Please visit our website www.snowball.co.za  to find a Snowball service application form. Kindly click on the “support” link, “downloads” will be on the right hand side of the page. This link will appear to be blue. Kindly click on “downloads” and choose your desired application form that you would like to download. Please note that the […]