Domain Renewals: Late Payment thereof

Domain Renewals: Late Payment thereof     In order to avoid having your domain suspended due to Late Payment for Domain Renewals, please ensure you make payment prior to the due dates stated on the invoice for the renewal. If you are a debit order payee customer, no manual payments will be needed as the Domain renewal invoice will be included in […]

Non Payment on Overdue Invoices

Non Payment on Overdue Invoices All invoices – unless otherwise indicated are due COD, or by the first of each month as all monthly services are billed in advance for the upcoming month.   Snowball’s system automatically suspends accounts if 2(two) or more Non Payment on Overdue Invoices are outstanding. To have the account re-activated […]

VoIP Services Cancellations – Snowball

VoIP Services Cancellations Please note that should you require your VoIP services cancelled, a 30 (thirty) day notice period is applicable as well as any outstanding billing within the 30 (thirty) day time frame. As Snowball is a reseller for this product, you will need to request a separate cancellation for VoIP Services Cancellations. An […]

Additional invoices: Payment thereof

Payment on additional invoices As per the terms on our service application forms, please note that you are in agreement to accept any additional invoices with relevant charges submitted against your account, not included in the monthly service invoices. This may include top up invoices, job card invoices, or invoices related to overuse for hosting […]

Wireless Equipment Guarantee

Wireless Equipment Guarantee – Upon activation and installation of wireless equipment, we offer up to 12 (twelve) months guarantee on all equipment with the exception of any physical negligence done to the equipment. – Following the 12 (twelve) months period, the equipment, which was purchased upon installation, becomes the property of the client and therefore […]

Snowball’s Terms of Service

Our terms of Service can be found on our website, please follow the below link: Also see below:   Snowball’s Terms of Service Detailed description of goods and/or services Snowball Effect CC (herein referred to as “Snowball”) is an Internet service provider that markets hosting, Internet access and web development services. Delivery policy Subject […]