How to setup email on mobile phones

Always setup email accounts on mobile phones as IMAP. IMAP = Internet Message Access Protocol. This allows the user to view the emails from the server and is generally much faster than POP. This is also handy when emails are setup on multiple devices, as every device view the mail and synchronize at the same […]

How to delete email addresses

Go to the following address: Please login with your Control Panel Details: Click on “Domains” and select your domain. Click on “Mail Accounts” Select the email account you wish to delete and tick the box. Click “Remove” Click “Confirm removal” then click “OK” to proceed. Email has now been removed.

How to set up an out of office assistance

Log in to PPA with your control panel details following this link Please select and click on “Mail tab”. Please select email account and click on “Auto-Reply”. Tick the box “Switch on auto-reply “. Please provide desired message and click “Ok.”

Mozilla Thunderbird POP or IMAP

Mozilla Thunderbird POP or IMAP This tutorial will help you set up the Mozilla Thunderbird email client to work with your email account. 1. In Mozilla Thunderbird from the Tools menu select Account Settings. 2. Select Email Account and then click Next. 3. Enter your name and email address. 4. Select POP or IMAP as […]

How to access your email online via Webmail

With just 3 easy steps, you can access your email online from anywhere in the world. This is mostly ideal for business people travelling overseas on a regular basis. Sometimes normal email settings configured for South Africa internet is simply not working in other countries, thus making webmail access a quick workaround. Log onto the […]

Spam Filter Setup and Identification

Parallels Plesk Automation allows you to easily setup a Spam filter  for better control and security across your email accounts.   1. Log onto your Control Panel using the details provided by Snowball: Username: [username] Password: [password] 2. Go to the ‘Mail’ Tab in the top menu 3. Select the email account 4. Select […]