How to keep secure in the cloud.

How to keep secure in the cloud

More and more businesses are starting to use the cloud for all their back-up and application needs. Yet, as with any new concept, the question of reliability comes into play. Generally speaking, the cloud is extremely reliable, but downtimes and outages do happen. A great example would be that Instagram experienced some downtime just before the VMA’s due to Amazon (whom powers most of its infrastructure) having some technical difficulty.

Preventative steps to avoid any chances of cloud-based disasters. Here are a few crucial steps to follow if you want to now how to keep secure in the cloud

# 1 Backup Your Data

How to keep secure in the cloud

If important information of yours is being stored in the cloud, be sure to have backups at the ready should anything go wrong. The first and most important rule of backups is to always make sure you have more than one, whether it is monthly, weekly or even daily scheduled bakups.

Always remember that when dealing with backups, it’s not only important to maintain up-to-date backups, but it’s also important to test your backups on a routine basis, and of course be sure that your backups are stored in a place separate to your existing data.

So remember, when in doubt backup, then backup again, and after that test your backups.

# 2 Plan for Disaster

How to keep secure in the cloud

There are many things in life which one can be certain of, the sky being blue, grass being green, and even that at some point, your web server will go down. Earlier this year for example even the great Google experienced some difficulties where users were unable to access their Google Drive when some needed it most.

Careful planning before any disaster strikes can save you a lot of headaches later.  A perfect example being; in 2011 Amazon’s northern Virginia data centre went out like a light and many major sites such as HootSuite, Foursquare and Reddit went down with it. One prominent Amazon client survived without any hiccups, why? SmugMug, rather than relying completely on Amazon’s northern Virginia data centre, decided to have a number of different availability zones (kind of like multiple data locations).

# 3 Use Multiple Cloud Services.

How to keep secure in the cloud

This next step may be a little pricey, but if you have the extra capital lying around then this is possibly one of the best tips to follow. Consider using more than one cloud provider at a time. So instead of using only Amazon, even if you were to host on multiple locations, try using Microsoft Azure or Rackspace too.

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