Say goodbye to “Tech neck&quot”, thanks to the i90 Tablet Glasses.

i90 tablet glasses

Tech neck is the result of overuse of  your mobile phones and tablets. According to the Business News Daily, the average gadget-user spends 23 hours per week texting, emailing and using social media from either their mobile phone or tablet. This ailment has been coined the “Tech neck”.

Matt Franklin saw this as a golden opportunity and created the i90 range of eyewear – specifically designed to combat against Tech-neck.

How does it work?

i90 tablet glasses


It’s rather simple really. All you have to do is put them on like you would a normal pair of glasses, and presto! Your sight-line is then refracted by 90 degrees towards the device in your lap (hence the name ‘i90’). Now you can comfortably view your tablet, e-reader or smartphone while keeping your head up and your neck straight.

However, the i90 glasses do come with their own set of limitations. The glasses are mostly meant for stationary gadget-use, as wearing them while walking and balancing a tablet could be a rather challenging task. These glasses have been made wide enough to fit over your regular glasses, and come in six colours.

How did this idea come about?


Mr. Franklin says that he spends a lot of time traveling and constantly has his face down in either his iPad or iPhone for hours on end without a break. On a particularly long flight, he thought of the idea to combine a pair of glasses with a periscope so that he was able to look down at the iPad without physically having to point his head downwards.

Mr Franklin has been spending the majority of his time working on the development of the i90 Tablet Glasses. For this product, he’s been working with a couple of phenomenal industrial designers, a world-class machinist and a manufacturer that usually works on way bigger projects than this. So you can be sure to be expecting exciting results from this tech-savvy project.

Mr Franklin goes on to give you an in-depth description of the process which has lead to the current i90 model. For more information on this innovative new gadget click here.