10 worst tech inventions of all time.

We take a look at the 10 Worst tech inventions of all time and our reason behind why we consider it such a terrible invention and it doesn’t mean it failed!

Over the past 20 years technological advances have been happening at every turn, from the iPad to water-propelled jet packs. Things have been moving at such a pace that the sky literally is the limit. Some inventions however, should have rather remained locked away as someone’s brainchild. Join us as we take a look at 10 of the worst tech inventions of our time.

# 1 The Cell-mate.


worst tech inventions

Believe it or not, but this gizmo is still in production. The creators at Accessories & More Inc feel so strongly about this product that they are even inviting everyday people like you and me to become distributors for this unique product. The gadget was obviously designed for clients who cannot afford a wireless headset for their phone, but would a loud speaker not suffice? I’m sure you would agree that the only alternative is not having a giant phone strapped to your head?!

# 2 The TV hat.


worst tech inventions

The name of the next invention on our lists speaks for itself, simply take a cap and add the concept of a TV and what do you have? A cap only Jack Parow would wear, with the capabilities of a magnifying glass. The concept is sound, however without the correct funding and design, this product will definitely stay on the shelf gathering dust. All you do is place your iPod, iPhone, Droid or Zune in the specially-designed placement holder and plug it into the hat. Voila! You now have a mini TV strapped to your head. Stupid!

# 3 Fast Finger Keyboard.


worst tech inventions

Ever wondered what it would be like if the keys on a keyboard were in alphabetical order? No? Well the creators of the fast finger keyboard took it a step further and created one. They even went as far as adding instant messaging abbreviations to help all those who seem to have trouble with pressing the individual keys needed for each. With a selling point like “Easy Installation”, you would wish this to be a joke, but alas this is not the case.

# 4 Microsoft Bob.


worst tech inventions

Yes, believe it or not, but even the great Microsoft can get it wrong. In March 1995, the guys at Microsoft thought to create “Bob” who would be used for all Windows 95 & NT users, to help make their Windows experience more sound.  Bob included various office suite programs such as a finance application and a word processor. The user interface was designed to simplify the navigational experience for novice computer users. Basically, your computer was Bob’s home and you (the user) are a guest. Bob can be very accommodating, but evidently this was not enough – Microsoft Bob never really took off.

# 5 Sony CD copy protection.


worst tech inventions

In 2005, the tech guys at Sony decided to try and find a way to stop piracy and illegal copying of their discs. They introduced a copy protection program which was put onto 22 million CD’s worldwide. When you insert the CD into your computer, an installation process begins in 2 parts -this was meant to stop the user from copying the CD in its entirety. Problem was, it was not easily uninstalled and in fact created a way in which malware and hackers were able to hide things and hack into your computer without any problems. Way to go Sony!

# 6  The Phone Fingers.


worst tech inventions

For all you iPhone users out there who can’t stand the messy fingerprints left on your screen, the Phone Fingers are for you! Gone are the days of messy substances or smears across your screen, as these bad boys eliminate the use of your actual fingers, eliminating the mess. Well, that is if you haven’t messed anything on the Phone Fingers themselves…

# 7 Nintendo Virtual Boy.


worst tech inventions

Virtualization is definitely somewhat of a popular subject these days, however back in 1995 it was a too little ahead of its time. This tabletop video game console, was the first console that was supposed to have the capability of displaying “true 3D graphics”, however the lack in enthusiasm by consumers tends to tell a different story. The team at Nintendo were obviously tasked with boosting sales – they even went as far as drastically reducing the price of the Virtual boy, however to no avail. But that shouldn’t come as a shock.

# 8 Clippy.


worst tech inventions

So it looks like the guys at Microsoft have done it again, putting them on our 10 worst inventions list a second time. Remember old clippy? I do, as a kid iIwas more interested in the silly animations she did, as opposed to getting any real help from her. Apparently most of the world agreed. Microsoft users found that Clippy made them feel rather inferior, as the manner in which she helped people basically made you feel like an idiot. She almost had a full ten year life span though, from 1998 – 2007.

# 9 Segway.


worst tech inventions

Ever seen a mall security guard whizz around on one of these and think “Hey, I need to get myself one of those!”, no? Well don’t worry, neither has most of the world, which is what gets this invention a seat on our 10 worst inventions of all time. The concept is sound, however this means of transportation only seems to be used by the elderly, or overweight security guards. They have launched the production of car-like designs, however they seem to have the same response as their 2 wheeled companion. Next please!

# 10 Farmville.


worst tech inventions

Farmville may be the most popular game on Facebook, but that seems more a reflection on its users than the actual game. As if you were to analyse the game itself, you would realize that there is no actual point to it. In a December 2010 interview with Gamasutra, game designer Jonathan Blow criticized FarmVille for being designed to create an atmosphere of negativity, requiring an unprecedented commitment to the game, and encouraging users to exploit their friends. A little harsh perhaps, but this is only one of many opinions given by experts in the field, so you get the point.

Send us a few of your worst tech pet-peeves, so we can all laugh about it!