Apple’s new budget iPhone 5C.

I’m sure we’ve all wanted an Apple product of some kind at one point or another, but our pockets just don’t seem to go deep enough. A few years back you would never have even heard of the idea of Apple releasing more than one iPhone at a time, and a budget model no less! […]

10 worst tech inventions of all time.

We take a look at the 10 Worst tech inventions of all time and our reason behind why we consider it such a terrible invention and it doesn’t mean it failed! Over the past 20 years technological advances have been happening at every turn, from the iPad to water-propelled jet packs. Things have been moving […]

The Eidos Vision and Eidos Audio.

Technology used to enhance your senses? Well it was bound to happen eventually, the students at London’s Royal College of Art have band together on the Eidos vision and audio project to create experimental facial masks that give the wearer superhuman sight and hearing. What inspired these brilliant young minds to create these pieces?   […]

Top protective gear for your gadgets

New and improved  protective gear for your gadgets are flocking into to stores by the day. The iPhone 5, the Samsung Galaxy S4, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, the iPad, the list goes on and on. All these handheld gadgets which make our lives easier, are actually rather delicate and need protecting. That’s what we […]

7 Free must-have apps for your apple Mac.

Apple is fast becoming a crowd favorite in the world of technology and rightly so! In this post we show you the 7 free must-have apps for your apple Mac.   Adium   This is an open source instant messaging application for your Mac. The purpose? Well, Adium takes a wide range of instant messaging […]