VDSL, the new and improved ADSL!


As of the 4th of March 2013, Telkom has begun the rollout of their new 20 & 40 Mbps ADSL line speeds in certain area’s throughout the country. Because we value your opinion and would like to equip you with the best and most trusted internet facilities, we’d like to hear how YOU would feel about having access to these additional line speeds.

But before we get the ball rolling, we thought it best to tell you a bit more about the new VDSL line speeds and how they differ from the current ADSL lines.

What is VDSL?


The new VDSL (Very High bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line) service works much like your ADSL service – as it runs over the same copper wires in your phone line. VDSL offers a much faster data transmission speed than your standard DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) lines, with incredible speeds as high as 52 Mbps downstream (download) and 16 Mbps upstream (upload).

ADSL Copper Wiring

The Benefits of having a VDSL connection.


  • Faster line speeds – Of course this is the most obvious benefit as the name in itself explains the faster connection capabilities, in comparison to your other DSL broadband services.

  • Triple-play networking – It has the ability to provide all the available services (video, data and voice), due to its high bandwidth. To put it simply, the higher the bandwidth, the more information you can pack into it.



Here’s the part where we compare what is (ADSL) with what is to come (VDSL).


  • Speed – The most obvious of these comparisons is the speed increase, but just how much of an increase is it? Currently the ADSL lines have a downstream (download) speed of 8Mbps and an upstream (upload) speed of 1Mbps. Whereas the new VDSL lines will have a downstream speed of 52Mbps and an upstream speed of 16Mbps.

  • Increased video quality – Due to its much greater bandwidth capacity VDSL can support HDTV quality, whereas the current ADSL lines cannot.

  • Distance restrictions – VDSL suffers a lot more from attenuation (the decrease in your connection speed, the farther the distance it must travel) compared to current ADSL lines.

  • Availability – At this stage VDSL is only available in a select few areas, whereas ADSL is available countywide.

Now that all the facts are in, we would like to hear from you!

If this is a service you would like us to offer, please visit www.snowball.co.za/line-speed-interest and fill out the form accordingly. Prices range from as little as R899 p/m on a 24 month contract.


For more information on this new and exciting service give us a call on 021 880 2228.


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