How @-mention came to be.

Many years ago before Social Media, Instant Messaging and Blogging, the @ sign was used purely for email addresses. Nowadays however the @ sign is also used for what we call an @-mention. How it started.   The first time the @ sign was used as more than just an element in an email address […]

Snowball Highlights of 2013

As another year comes to an end we thought we would take the time to look back at the Snowball highlights of 2013 and milestones we shared in 2013. Join us as we look back on the year and all the great things we have achieved. The start of 2013.   Snowball reopened its doors […]

Some of The Best Uses for Tumblr.

Before we get started on the best uses for Tumblr, lets get a little more familiar with what it is. Before social networks, there were blogs. At some point along the way blogging without any real effort became what was called microblogging, now Tumblr is a mixture of both incorporating microblogging with social networking. You […]


If you haven’t heard of it yet allow us to be the first to shed a little light on the app Snapchat. This app first made its debut in September 2011, from then till now it has generated a whopping 100 million user, with more than 350 million photos shared a day! Now with that […]

4 Google Analytics Tips for Small Businesses.

Lets say you’ve setup Google Analytics for your website or blog. You’ve skimmed through its features, maybe looked at overall page views or taken a look at your real time data. Now this is where it usually ends for most users as Analytics may be rather overwhelming if you aren’t 100% sure of what to […]

5 Tell-tale signs of a Twitter Spambot.

Twitter, as with any site has a bit of a spammer infestation. Their “follow anyone” design makes it pretty easy for a steady stream of spammers to come in and message as many people as possible in short amounts of time. Best practice to ensure you don’t get hit by the inevitable spammers? Only follow […]

Bitstrips – The latest craze on Facebook.

  Im sure you’ve all seen the latest “fad” to hit our News Feeds on Facebook, namely Bitstrips. The idea behind it is to create personalized goofy comics about your daily happenings and sharing them all over your timeline. This week we will take a closer look at bitstrips and how to create your own […]