Snowball Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program Overview

Make Money Promoting Snowball Services – It’s as easy as 1-2-3

Snowball offers you an exclusive affiliate program where you can earn extra money, by simply referring clients to us. Kick-start your earnings today and remember that with each new signup you bring to us you earn 5% recurring commission on top of your R 100.00 (Affiliate Signup Bonus).

Try our affiliate program, it’s smart, it’s intuitive and it’s absolutely free to all members and guests.

Here’s how!

How does the affiliate program work?

For every client that you refer to Snowball you will make instant cash. Referring is really easy and it costs nothing to get started.

Snowball’s affiliate program is easy to use. When you register your account today you will receive your very own referral address along with several animated GIF images you can add to your website for easier referring.

What are the commissions?

Snowball has revolutionised the affiliate market by giving 5% of monthly services referred for as long as the referred clients package stays active.

We offer referral commission on the following product groups:

  • Shared Hosting –  5% Commission
  • Wireless Internet –  5% Commission
  • Capped ADSL  –  5% Commission

Affiliate bonuses?

Earn great commissions by registering with Snowball’s Affiliate Program, when you register today you will receive a generous R 100.00 instant signup bonus.

When will I get paid?

You will be entitled for the affiliate payout when you have accumulated R 200.00 and the most recent hosting package referred to us must be active for at least 3 months. The R 200.00 is not inclusive of the R 100.00 signup bonus.

There is a 60 day hold on all affiliate commissions to catch and prevent fraud. If the referred product was refunded, the membership cancelled, or money was reimbursed, Snowball reserves the right to deduct the appropriate commissions from the affiliate’s account.

Will it cost me anything to become an affiliate of Snowball?

It is absolutely free!

Affiliate Tracking?

After signing up for the program you will receive a unique affiliate URL which you will use to advertise our website. When someone clicks through this URL, a cookie will be set in their browser with your affiliate ID and their IP address will also be logged with your affiliate ID. During that visit to our website or any later visit, any purchase made will help you earn commission, based on the existence of the cookie or a match of the IP address in the database.

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